All For You
by Janet Jackson, pop/R&B (2001)
EMI/Virgin, ASIN B00005B0S7

This latest CD by Janet Jackson is banned in Singapore. Probably because of Would You Mind, which has our Ms Jackson stimulating an orgasm. The effect is more hilarious than sexy, especially when the music ended and she says petulantly, "The music ended! But I haven't come yet!" to canned laughter in the background.

Well, like they say, you can ban 'em in Singapore, but there's nothing putting the JB Pirates down (Malaysians and Singaporeans will get this one). Nothing a quick visit to Chinatown and some nudge-wink "Got that banned Janet Jackson CD?" thingie can't fix. So here I am, with this "explicit" album that is as explicit as marshmallow pie. I mean, is this explicit?

Baby would you mind coming inside of me
Letting your juices free
Deep in my passion

That's from the "controversial" Would You Mind. Frankly, I've seen better writings.

Musically, this album is another rehash of the Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam sound. It's still fresh and interesting at places (All For You, Come On And Get It Up, When We Oooo (hee hee)). Lyrically though, "sexy" here is as authentic as a schoolgirl's attempt at writing naughty stories. Nothing clever, deep, or even interesting. It's all "touch you, tease you, please you, hold you, make love to you". Sophie B Hawkins on a bad day can lay Janet Jackson to waste when it comes to explicit musical erotica.

All For You is an uneven CD. Too much "slow, sexy" music like Would You Mind permeate this album which, to be honest, aren't that interesting anyway. Unless you're listening to them while some hunky Taye Diggs-lookalike is pushing his hand up your skirt or down your jeans or something.

Sexy Janet isn't actually that sexy, to be honest. It's all hot breathing but the orgasms she promises are long time in even arriving.

Rating: 71

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