by Enrique Iglesias, pop (2007)
Interscope, $13.98, ASIN B000Q364M4

Insomniac isn't just the title of Enrique Iglesias' CD, it is also a warning because this collection of overproduced but dull songs is exactly what those sleep-deprived people out there are looking for to help ease their suffering.

Compared to the catchy pop goodness of his previous hits like Bailamos and Escape, there are no songs here that capture any of the magic that made those songs too good to listen to. Here, Mr Iglesias tries his hand at being an R&B male crooner with Push when he's not trying way too hard to be tongue-in-cheek (Ring My Bells and Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song). As for the former, we already have Kayne West and I'd take Roxette over Mr Iglesias every day for the latter. The chorus for Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) is quite cute though.

Insomniac is a flat and dull CD with very little to make it worth my time. Maybe it's time to just do that Playgirl shoot and call it a day? Let's hope the next CD will prove me wrong.

Rating: 56

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