Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
by Geri Halliwell, pop (2001)

Geri Halliwell, former Ginger Spice, is back with her follow-up to Schizophonic. Scream If You Wanna Go Faster is a brilliantly tacky title that still fits Geri's increasingly shameless pandering to the Purple Purse (read that as the gay market).

Hence her really atrocious cover of the Weather Girls' It's Raining Men. It's hideous because Geri's voice has only two range: flat or nasal. In this CD, she has gathered the perfect producers and collaborators - indeed, this album is filled with bubbly, frothy, and perfect pop tunes. But thanks to Geri's impressive DOA vocals, everything sounds like it's being sung through an artificial respirator.

The most listenable songs are the paint-by-numbers midtempo ballads Circles Round The Moon and Strength Of A Woman. Nothing impressive, either of them, but at least Geri doesn't sound like an asthmatic bullmastiff in them the way she did in almost every other track.

Rating: 64

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