The Id
by Macy Gray, pop/R&B (2001)
Sony/Epic, ASIN B00005NZWZ

Okay, so half the time I have no idea what she is babbling about to the press. Her music remains fine, as her follow-up to her debut On How Life Is proves. The Id is one fine pop album.

From the dark comedy of Gimme All Your Loviní Or I Will Kill You to Sexual Revolution to Relating To A Psychopath, Macy Gray seems to be at her best blending the psychedelic boom tunes of the 1960s and 1970s to the best of R&B grooves. The Id boasts fine singing and great productions, and reading the lyric sheets often elicit a chuckle or two from me.

But my favorite track is Sweet Baby. It features Erykah Badu, but anyone who knows what Badu is doing on that track please let me know. I canít hear anything but Macy Grayís voice. Still, this is the most perfect summer pop love tune ever, with simple lyrics and catchy choruses sang to the sunniest of melodies.

All in all, The Id is the perfect album to listen to when I need to feel sunny and breezy. Whip up an iced drink and warm up to the delicious music of Macy Gray Ė now thatís bliss indeed.

Rating: 89

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