by Savage Garden, pop (1999)
Sony/Columbia, ASIN B00002MZ2T

Well, they did get their name from an Anne Rice novel, so I guess they do read. But egad, the lyrics of the songs by this duo are pure infantile garbage. And I'm being kind. I've never encountered such embarrassing juvenile nonsense in songs for quite a while. Maybe since the Macarena horror.

Which is a pity, as the tunes are rather catchy. But I cannot listen to them singing about happy laughing animals and how wonderful it is if we are all living like beasts (sic) in The Animal Song without puking. What? Have these guys ever seen the Discovery Channel? And on the title track, I am bombarded with so many bad, obvious Peace messages that I start seeing Chernobyl. "I believe junk food tastes so good because it is bad for you" is one of the better lines in this tripe.

I can go on, like the godawful "I will be there" schlock of Crash And Burn, the whimsy-turned-hemorrhage Two Beds And A Coffee Machine, and more, but I am getting a panic attack just recalling the bad songwords to the music. It's worse than an episode of Teletubbies (guest-starring the Care Bears, Barney, and the entire cast of The Sound Of Music). It's... it's... brainless!

Rating: 01

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