The Fame
by Lady Gaga, pop (2008)
Interscope, $13.98, ASIN B001GM28HO

I still have no idea how this Lady Gaga person is suddenly everywhere, but I have to say: reading the hype and the publicity material about her is far more enjoyable than listening to The Fame.

Sure, Disco Heaven is a great song and Starstruck is a catchy tune, but this CD contains a bunch of heavily produced songs that see Lady Gaga channeling Jennifer Lopez, Geri Halliwell, Kylie Minogue, Fergie, and more like an atonal tribute artist. Her voice is paper thin and, instead of having any unique distinguishing feature, it seems to mimic the inflections of the ladies I've mentioned. Even so, maybe it's not her fault, given that the music on this CD is far from original as it reminds me of everything else that has been done already in the last two years. That or I have this suspicion that her best works are those she had written for other people. Don't be shy, just admit that her duet with the New Kids On The Block, Big Girl Now, is fabulous...

Perhaps this album is best played in clubs when you don't really have to listen to the music as you dance the night away and have a good time.

Rating: 70

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