America Town
by Five For Fighting, pop/rock (2000)
Sony/Columbia, ASIN B00004YC29

Five For Fighting is just one guy actually, John Ondrasik, who must be a big hockey fan. Yes, I bought this two-year old CD because of that song, Superman (It's Not Easy). Hey, it's a lovely song, and I dare everyone to say that it isn't.

I mean, a song with a line like "I'm only a man in silly red sheet, digging for kryptonites on this one way street" that actually comes off like something miserable Clark Kent would sing after too many beers, now that's genius. After too many beers, I may just say that this is a song with Deep Meanings like how life hands you rotten marshmallows even when you're Superman - hey, barkeep, one more please!

Since I'm sober, I'll just say I love the piano. The melancholy that is also self-effacing and funny at the same time.

The rest of the album is filled with pretty much the same thing. A high-pitched dude who sounds like he's a Counting Crowes refugee singing about life's blue highway in midtempo rockish stuff adult contemporary radios love. It's all lovely in a way - Something About You, Easy Tonight, Love Song, they all rule.

Unfortunately, they all sound the same after a while. And Ondrasik's melancholy-reeking voice does get on the grating side after a while. Still, a man who sings about Superman's sad, sad song can't be too bad.

Rating: 75

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