A Day Without Rain
by Enya, classical (2000)
WEA/Warner, ASIN B000050XEI

What happened to Enya? Once she creates lovely ethereal tunes. Now she creates music best reserved for elevators or background music for motivation seminars. Nothing on A Day Without Rain stands out on first listen, apart from the splendorous One By One. The latter song evokes the pain of goodbye so well.

Other tunes are pale clones of Enya's better moments on her previous better albums. Producer Ricky Ryan should get some new tricks instead of chopping up pieces of China Roses or Marble Hall and tossing them together nilly-willy like some third-grade Enya offering.

In the end, that's what this boring, nondescript album is - a third-grade Enya offering. How the mighty and beautiful has fallen.

Rating: 56

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