The Night Before... A Celtic Christmas
by Dordán, classical (1997)
Narada, ASIN B000005P08

This is a really pleasant CD filled with lovely whistles, flutes, harps, and the occasional vocal over traditional and often obscure Christmas pieces. The instruments come together to create a soothing sanctuary from the turmoils of the world, which is what I need at times like this. While some of the tracks here can be so slow and even tedious, dainty jigs like Winter Solstice and the atmospheric and even haunting March Of The Dreoilín can lull me into a lovely moment of tranquility.

If there aren't too many tracks here that help me find the perfect calm - a good moment's sleep, that is - The Night Before... will be better than Enya and definitely better than most of the Celtic music clichés out there. As it is, this is a pleasant CD, but sometimes it's so much easier to just fall asleep instead of reaching for the remote control and press that "skip track" button.

Rating: 71

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