No Angel
by Dido, pop (1999)
BMG/Arista, ASIN B00000IAU3

Yes, Dido is the woman whose voice is sampled in Eminem's brilliant track Stan. Thanks to Eminem, Dido is thrust into the limelight once again. From giving this CD No Angel a spin, I can say that Dido is like Sarah MacLachlan on speed trip. Her voice is eeriely like MacLachlan's, and tracks like the beautiful Thank You and My Lover's Gone will be right at home in MacLachlan's divine album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

Then Dido goes dancey mode (think Sarah Brightman) in her Here With Me and Hunter.

Then strangely, she slides down the pace and goes all loungey and dull in the last few tracks until I snooze peacefully into dreamland.

No Angel is smooth and creamy, like a full cup of milk shake. There are moments of sheer divine pleasure - Dido's vocals give her otherwise mundane lyrics enough body to be memorable. Thank You is really a fabulous love song, really. But Dido can also tend to be too mellow, singing tunes more suited to lounge lizards than anything else. At these moments, she's no Sarah MacLachlan, she's Paula Cole.

No Angel is a nice introduction to Dido's music. It's very listenable if too mellow at times. What's next on this lady's playlist? Hopefully some soul searching to find her own voice and identity.

Rating: 85

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