Born To Do It
by Craig David, R&B (2000)
Wildstar, ASIN B00004WN09

18-year old Brit Romeo Craig David's debut album - on its better moments - is like melted chocolate. He has this thick, sultry voice that just screams Sexy, sexy, sexy! Unfortunately, most of the album are filled with samey-sounding midtempo to sluggish R&B choons that make my eyelids heavy after a while.

The young man is groomed to be an UK version of Usher or Ginuwine or R Kelly, and therefore most of the songs are in the vein of those singers. Since he's 18, his favorite subject is also gals. Specifically, honeys with hot bodies. Honeys whom on 7 Days (great track) he meets in a subway train on Monday, takes out on Tuesday, makes love to on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No wait, Sunday's the time they roll over in exhaustion and chill out. Honeys to Rendezvous and to Fill Me In. There's even a song called Last Night.

No doubt the songs are perfect for hot making out sessions in youngsters' backseats, the sort of music that is nice only when one is listening with half a ear. Apart from 7 Days, the sultry Booty Man, and the guitar-riffy Walking Away, everything else melts into an amalgamation of nondescript, thick, syrupy chocolatey goo. Perfect for Romeos on the prowl, but for me, I wish there's more variety in this CD.

Rating: 70

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