The Best Of The Corrs
by The Corrs, pop (2001)
Atlantic, ASIN B00005Q3KC

Ah, the Corrs. Three beautiful women who are great with instruments Ė oh, and thereís one bloke, the brother, too. (Sorry, Jim.) Never mind that Jim Corr tends to date ladies that resemble his sisters, much to the sniggers of nastier gossips all over the tabloids (ahem). Their music isnít too bad.

True, most of their stuff tends to be on the boring adult contemporary schmaltz side. Tracks like All The Love In The World and that vile duet with Alejandro Sanz, Una Noche canít make me hit the skip button on the remote fast enough. But they do score points with some great tracks.

Letís see, The Right Time just sweeps me off my feet. It has this great chorus that will sound good no matter how drunk the people warbling it are. Perfect for drunken cat choruses, I say, and itís a jolly happy tune. The gentle but whimsical What Can I Do is sunny and lovelorn at the same time, with a catchy ďDo do doĒ hook that wonít let go. I also love the faster tracks like Breathless (pure poppy fun) and Radio. And for a touch of Irish instrumental magic, thereís Lough Erin Shore, although the flute bit seems a bit off, I must say.

Iím not too impressed with the lackluster rendition of REMís Everybody Hurts though. And the unreleased tracks Make You Mine and Would You Be Happier? are forgettable half-baked tunes.

Still, this The Best Of compilation will be perfect for the occasional Corr listener who would like a bunch of the most popular tunes of theirs on one CD. Trust me, itís better than buying all the CDs of theirs and having to filter all those boring, slow, draggy, and antiseptic ballads they tend to do.

Rating: 88

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