Destiny Fulfilled
by Destiny's Child, pop/R&B (2004)
Sony, ASIN B000643A5M

I don't know why Kelly and Michelle still bother to participate in the farce that is Destiny's Child. Everything is about Beyoncé. She wears the prettiest clothes, hogs all the screen times in music videos, and Papa Knowles ruthlessly squashes Kelly's solo career just in time for Beyoncé to shake her whore-panties all over MTV to the top. Michelle isn't even given a chance. Why are they still playing Beyoncé's nameless handmaidens, I will never know.

Destiny Fulfilled is a pointless album. Pointless because everything on this CD either lacks catchy hooks (the interminable ballads) or they sound like rejects from Beyoncé's solo effort from last year. It is also apparent that this CD is purged out of their systems solely for contractual purposes. If the songs sounding like stale rejects aren't indication enough, the three ladies don't even bother to harmonize or anything. More often than not, they take turns to sing solo, with who singing what thoughtfully indicated on the lyric booklet so that I will know whose CD to buy in the future. Or more accurately, I will know who it is that is singing like an asthmatic frog (Michelle) on most of her parts. It's tough enough that she wears the least flattering outfits so that she will never outshine the Blessed Ho of Babyknowles, but she has to sound like something the dog left on the pavement.

I don't know about these three ladies and this overproduced, repetitious, dull CD. Maybe I should just return this CD to the store and ask for my money back. This CD should be retitled Contract Fulfilled... By Half An Arse.

Rating: 49

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