by JC Chasez, pop (2004)

If the local Peeping Tom flasher can make well-produced music, the result would most likely be Schizophrenic, N-Sync's other frontman JC Chasez's solo debut. This CD is actually even more a feast, musically, compared to Justin Timberlake's solo debut, but while Timberlake approaches sex in a sanitized PG-rated manner, Chasez lets everything hang out, so to speak, in a graphic and often tasteless manner.

If I don't pay attention to what he is singing, tracks like Come To Me, Shake It, and All Day Long I Dream About Sex are very listenable with catchy hooks. Unfortunately, it is hard not to cringe when he's singing about masturbating to his sweetheart's phonecall or adjusting the front of his Levis or fantasizing about having a threesome with two lipstick lesbians. He's not being particularly naughty or erotic about his subject matter, instead he's just being crude without coming off as sly or mischievous.

The end result is a CD filled with ear candy softporn music, but unfortunately, this is one CD best played on the Discman plugged straight to one's ears, or one risks the chance of being laughed out of town. If Schizophrenic has displayed even a little self-awareness at how it crosses the lines so many times to the point that it is nothing more than a lousy 1800 sex line with some great beats playing in the background, it may be actually a really good CD that will make people remember him for more than being just that fellow with the big nose who isn't Justin.

Rating: 73

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