Aaron's Party (Come And Get It)
by Aaron Carter, pop (2000)
BMG/Jive/Novus/Silvertone, ASIN B00004XR64

Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator character, Russell Crowe's Gladiator character, Xena, and the whole Buffy gang in a Roman collosseum, waiting for the Great Evil to rush out from a dark, smelly pit to do battle with them. The grate opens... and out comes Aaron Carter with a microphone.

I tell you, those superheroes would flee as fast as they could, screaming in pansified falsetto.

Aaron Carter's horrendous follow-up to his equally horrendous debut is a prime example of disgusting, legalized child exploitation. Solely on the virtue of his family name, this shrill, obnoxious pipsqueak is let loose to terrorize airwaves, worse, my airwaves. I have to hide my CD player when my six-year old niece comes to visit, and that's an all-time low.

If you ask me, Girl, You Shine, Internet Girl, and other skin-crawling tunes only drive home that kids in music should either be in a choir (Tina Turner's glorious We Don't Need Another Hero) or stay in Barney soundtrack hell. Prepubsecent love has never been exploited this ugly, in fact, preteen kids are never this terrifying since they invented the Chuckie doll.

Hopefully someone would get some common sense and drag this horror back to school where he belongs.

Rating: 00

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