by Melanie C, pop (2003)
Virgin, ASIN B00008BXG3

Former Sporty Spice Melanie C may have the dubious distinction of being the only Spice Girl who could get a second CD out. Reason, a long delayed release because Virgin is waiting for the backlash against the Spice Girls to die down a little first, is a smoother, more polished album than her solo debut. Unfortunately, it may be a little too smooth and polished: lacking the adventurous raw edges of Northern Star, Reason is like music best played in the background when one is drinking overpriced latte at some fancy bistro - dull and devoid of character.

Tracks like the title track, the slow and wannabe-sexy Lose Myself In You, and the sunny Positively Somewhere are soundout tracks, but I am hard-pressed to hum even the melody of the chorus if you ask me, and I've been listening to this CD for almost three weeks now.

Too safe, too nondescript, this album doesn't stick to the mind once I'm done with it. I think Melanie C will need a better Reason to get the public interested in her music. Such dull latte hour music makes it hard to remember that she's back in the first place.

Rating: 53

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