Full Moon
by Brandy, pop (2002)
Atlantic, ASIN B00005V5TD

Rodney Jerkins and the Darkchilde "My Ass" Posse are surely a singer's worst enemy. Here, the stupid man overloads Brandy's new album in three years with so much anonymous and tedious beats and those overused basslines and beep-beep-beep sounds that he may as well get rid of Brandy and use a vocoder to record this album.

Of course there are some decent tracks (the title track, When You Touch Me, What About Us?) but they all sound the same as every other freaking Darkchilde overproduced pap all these years. Brandy's voice is pretty much a muted whisper on too many songs.

Memo to Brandy: trash Rodney Jerkoff's ass. Memo to Jerkoff: if you want to pepper "Darkchild, my arse" all over a song, make your own freaking album instead of ruining someone else's! Pig.

Rating: 63

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