One In A Million
by Bosson, pop (2001)
Capitol, ASIN B00005NG8C

Pretty French boy Bosson (his name shares the same pronunciation as the Malay word meaning "boring") is currently the big thing here in Singapore, and my granddaughter is not immune. I have been subjected to this guy's horrible, horrible and dull music for so long now that I start to find Michael Learns To Rock (a crappy Danish band inexplicably big in Asia and nowhere else) the new REM.

Full of karaoke-friendly singalong songs - the worst sort with too simple one-two melodies I'd thought found only in nursery rhymes - all sung in this high, irritating, sometimes girly tenor, One In A Million is a disaster zone waiting to happen. Check out the helium-filled Where Are You? where Bosson goes "Eh-EEEEEEHEH-eeeEEEEeeeeEEHHHhhhehHHH..." I feel a migraine coming.

The title track is okay in a cheesy-Eurotrash music sort of way, but most, maybe all, the songs here are so bland and the vocals so irritating that it is a trial on the ears just to survive the first ten minutes of this CD. Bosson sounds like an androgynous, castrated raccoon with a barbed pike shoved up his nether regions, and I pray that guy would just go home to France and start selling burgers or something. Just get him out of the radio airwaves, please.

Rating: 08

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