Victoria Beckham
by Victoria Beckham, pop (2001)
Virgin, ASIN B00005OB0A

Can she sing? Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice to fans or Skeleton Spice to, er, not-fans, can sing, I must say, after listening to her debut solo effort. Just not much, though. Whoever that said “[she] can carry a tune, just not far” is dead on.

Unlike Geri’s equally limited but at least interesting nasal whine, Posh Spice’s voice is almost nondescript. Here, the studio has carefully polished her voice so cleanly that it is so easy to overlook that there’s actually someone singing in the songs.

There’s nothing wrong with the songs here. They are perfectly produced songs anyone with a karaoke machine can carry off. It’s just that Posh Spice is… well, she’s Posh Spice. She’s a superstar. There should be something more to this than a bunch of songs that could have come from the Spice Girls song bag leftovers.

It doesn’t help that most of the songs have Posh sounding like everybody from diluted Britney Spears to even, heaven forbid, Geri Halliwell.

Still, every album, no matter how flat it is, has one or two bright spots. I like A Mind Of Its Own very, very much. She does sound like Geri on that one though, oops.

Rating: 66

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