Play It Like That
by Bardot, pop (2001)
Warner Australia, ASIN B00005OB0A

Theyíre back, minus one member. Bardotís follow-up to their debut CD is as flat as a skunk run over by a steamroller, however. In fact, they sound like Spice Girls would after ten helium tanks too many.

Apart from the slightly amusing girlfriend/boyfriendís-mommy spat in ASAP, everything else on Play It Like That is pretty standard pop music. Unfortunately, the singing is so uninspired and uninteresting that Bardot makes Alvin and the Chipmunks look like three Macy Grays.

Looks like another Popstars winner canít outlive its fifteen minutes of fame. Bye, girls, and the next time we meet, Iíll have fries with that, thanks!

Rating: 42

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