Who I Am
by Jessica Andrews, pop/country (2001)
Dreamworks, ASIN B000055XWR

Jessica Andrews is - what, 18? A bit too young to have her soul sold to the Shania Twain Commercial Exploitation Twist, isn't it? Who I Am can be forgiven were it not so bland and dull. It is, in fact, devoid of any personality whatsoever. The poor lass is reduced to being a mechanical voice warbling over generic tunes that sound as if they come right out the Faith Hill reject bin.

(Incidentally, the guys behind Faith Hill's state of undress - of her music, that is - are also behind this sad affair. Boo hoo.)

A few guitar twangs do not good country music make. Hence, tracks like Who I Am and I Don't Like Anyone are nothing more than silly, fluffy, nondescript tunes that are free from hooks. I can't remember any particular song here at all. Except maybe the bloody, brutal massacre of Maria McKee's evocative Show Me Heaven, done by this lass here in a merry, shallow, and blasphemous candypop style.

Who I Am is beyond generic in its mediocrity. Jessica Andrews can sing, but I am too bored to care what she is singing about.

Rating: 35

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