The Power
by Vanessa Amorosi, pop (2000)
Mercury, £9.98, ASIN B00004ZE8E

She may be only 16, but don't lump this Australian lass with Britney Spears and the Teeny Tart Brigade - Vanessa Amorosi is actually a lovely lass who just wants to cheer you up with her brand of feel-good music. And in her debut, The Power, she succeeds half the time.

Hence, superb Absolutely Everybody makes me wave my hands and go "Yeeaaaahhhh!" - it just misses the new millennium celebrations, but its inspiring chorus with its catchy, repetitious hook ("Absolutely everybody, everybody everybody, absolutely every-boh-deeeee!") successfully creates a sense of let's-throw-all-away-and-party-like-we-never-had-before atmosphere. Likewise, the title track creates the same effect (if I'm mean, I'll say it sounds a lot like AE). And when she turns the pace down with the glorious Shine and Steam, it's still Deepak Chopra on speed moment. Pure fun.

Then she goes heavy R&B and techno in nondescript fillers for the rest of the album. I take up the player and switch on Absolutely Everybody once again. Everybody wave your hands and shake your booty: "Everybody needs a human touch, everybody eh-verrriii-boh-deeee needs... absolutely everybody, everybody everybody, absolutely everyboh-deee hey hey hey..."

Rating: 68

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