Music from Another Room (1998)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 26, 2000 in 2 Oogies, Film Reviews, Genre: Comedy

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Music from Another Room (1998)
Music from Another Room (1998)

Main cast: Jude Law (Danny), Gretchen Mol (Anna), Jennifer Tilly (Nina) , Vincent Laresca (Jesus), Jeremy Piven (Billy), Jane Adams (Irene), Bruce Jarchow (Richard), Jon Tenney (Eric), and Martha Plimpton (Karen)
Director: Charlie Peters

Top reason why anyone who digs guys should watch Music from Another Room: Jude Law. Mr Law, with his James Dean-esque beauty and cherubic broodiness, lights up the screen in whichever movie he is in. And in this one, he plays a man who believes in love. Oh, let me die now!

It’s just too bad this movie is a complete bore despite its whimsical premise. In 1972, young Danny helps deliver Anna into the world. Twenty-five years later, he’s back in Anna’s life as an earnest man who asks her to run away with him and let him make her happy. Instead of swooning and saying “Yes, yes, YEAH BABY!” like any sane woman would, she pouts, complains, whines, and says that there is no such thing as love. Oh, and she’s about to marry a dumb bore. Danny charms me with his charming, earnest, and idealistic notions of love, but he and Anna display no chemistry whatsoever.

There’s a side plot about Anna’s blind sister Nina falling for a waiter Jesus who teaches her to be brave and even cycle, and that one is much more palatable to watch than Anna’s stupidity. Every sensibility of mine is offended. Any woman who takes up to two hours to choose between a dull bloke and golden, smiling, romantic Danny who would swim across oceans for her just deserve the rolling pin. Danny deserves better.

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