Murphy’s Law by Suzanne Brockmann

Posted by Mrs Giggles on March 21, 2001 in 3 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Contemporary

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Murphy's Law by Suzanne Brockmann
Murphy’s Law by Suzanne Brockmann

MightyWords, $3.00, ISBN 0-7173-0434-5
Contemporary Romance, 2001


Murphy’s Law is only 20 pages long. Yeah, yeah, nitpick all you want about the cost and the length, but you know what? It’s pretty entertaining in a nice, readable manner. Despite the measly length, I actually find the romance well developed – albeit a rushed way – enough to keep reading.

I have to accept at face value that Jim Murphy falls in love with Andi Patterson after one night of deep talking. Jim rescues Andi from a boyfriend who can’t understand the word no, and he learns that Miss Perfect Ice Princess isn’t that cold or frosty after all. She’s even… sweet. Okay, that is high school. Cut to these two now being grown-ups. Jim has asked Andi to write to him while she was studying in Stanford, but she never does. Imagine her surprise when he shows up at her doorstep, still besotted. But she’s engaged. Oops. To a boring fusspot who never stand a chance against Jim Murphy, Navy SEAL in training (did I hear somebody groan?). Andi is going to see her neuroses, insecurities, and fear of rejection thrown out the window soon enough.

I don’t know, really. A guy who waits all these years for a woman who never calls or writes? That’s either a real idiot or a great catch. Since Jim is such a charmer and Andi comes off more like a lonely, sad woman who can’t outgrow her geeky high school days, I’d say to hell with it and just go along with the ride. This one is fun and charming.

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