Mr. Wrong by Terry Campbell

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Mr. Wrong by Terry Campbell
Mr. Wrong by Terry Campbell

Five Star Expressions, $24.95, ISBN 0-7862-2154-2
Contemporary Romance, 1999


Mr. Wrong features some of the most annoying antics of so-called adults in love, and the things they do mirror some of the worst “relationship advice” I’ve read in women’s pop magazines.

Kat Snow has the misfortune to be a caricature of a modern woman – dumped, betrayed, and used by a very nasty ex-hubby. Does our heroine kick up the volume as she sings in defiance to a karaoke version of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive? Nah, that’s so 1960’s. The new millennium ideal is our Modern Heroine wringing her hands in painful angst – “I need a man! I want a man! I need a man NOW!” So she decides to compose a list of Mr Right behavior instead of visiting an adult toy store.

Her boss Rourke Hawthorne reads the list and decides, hey, he sorta likes Kat, and he meets all of her requirements. Wanna date, Kat? “No! I love you! I trust you! I hate you! I mistrust you!” And so they go. Round and in round they go in their petty antics. It’s like reading about thirteen-year olds that have deluded themselves to think they are in love. I half expect them to run home to Momma and scream things like, “Mom, I sooooo love him but he never, like, tell me I look pretty, so I hate him!”


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