Wrong Turn (2003)
Main cast: Desmond Harrington (Chris Finn), Eliza Dushku (Jessie Burlingame), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Carly), Jeremy Sisto (Scott), Lindy Booth (Francine), Julian Richings (Three Finger), Kevin Zegers (Evan), Garry Robbins (Saw-Tooth), and Ted Clark (One-Eye)
Director: Rob Schmidt

Chris Finn is on his way to an important meeting when his mobile phone loses its transmission. He tries the phone at the local (dilipated) gas station, but no luck. While driving, his car hits a row of barbed wires on the road and rams into the vehicle of five kids. Now he and the kids will have to find their way out of the backward woods to get help. The fun comes when two ugly inbred mutant people start hunting them down for food. With today's modern amenities and all, won't it be easier to just order a pizza online?

A dull, unscary, and formulaic slasher movie, Wrong Turn doesn't even try to keep me in suspense as to who will die and who will survive. It is very easy to peg down the victims: the four teens are promiscuous junkies, so die, sinners, die! That leaves Eliza Dushku's unbelievably cool and stoic Jessie and our hero Chris, if only because he's the only cute guy that doesn't smoke, take drugs, or have sex. But it takes a long time for everyone else to die, and it's a boring long time coming, especially when these mutant freaks use old-fashioned weapons like ax and bows and arrows.

Without any originality or fun factor, Wrong Turn only has decent cinema work going for it. Which would be good if it's a photo album, but as a horror movie, it's dead on arrival.

Rating: 51

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