Whipped (2000)
Main cast: Amanda Peet (Mia), Brian Van Holt (Brad), Judah Domke (Eric), Jonathan Abrahams (Jonathan), and Zorie Barber (Zeke)
Director: Peter M Cohen

Neil LaBute need not worry. Peter Cohen's Whipped is a sad misfire of misogyny-made-cool. It not only insults my intelligence, it irritates me so silly that I so dearly want to dash to the nearest Wal*Mart, buy a gun, and open fire on the screen. If that makes me bonkers, well, this movie made me bonkers.

The plot? Four useless guys sitting around and trying to sound cool by dropping the F word, the C word, the F word again, and more F words. Meanwhile, they dream of sharing this woman Mia between them, all the while wondering why cunts can't be cool and give out to them whenever they want, however they want it.

Is this movie worth watching? Well, Amanda Peet has a nice smile and a great screen presence, too bad she is dicked by these four losers. Banal, juvenile, and absolutely discardable, Whipped is sad. Wonder if the film folks know that this movie could've been called The Hot Pussy Gang-Bangs Me And My Three Horny Friends, slapped in the pages of a cheap men's rag, and none would be wiser.

Rating: 02

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