U-571 (2000)
Main cast: Matthew McConaughey (Lt Andrew Tyler), Bill Paxton (Captain Dahlgren), Harvey Keitel (Cheif Klough), and Jon Bon Jovi (Lt Pete Emmett)
Director: Jonathan Mostow

Okay, this movie is a wartime drama about some young men hijacking a German submarine, breaking some code, and saving the world. In the meantime, there are lots of tiresome We save the world elements and some inane, predictable acting from the faceless cast. No character, no excitement, nadda.

Probably men who love playing submarines in the bath would love this. Me, I fell asleep in the 30th minute and awoke ten minutes later by some loud explosion on the screen. Slept again fifteen minutes later and woke up in time for the last half hour. And I still could follow the story. Hmmmph.

Best sleep I've had in days though.

Rating: 09

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