Spy Kids (2001)
Main cast: Robert Patrick (Mr Lisp), Antonio Banderas (Gregorio Cortez), Carla Gugino (Ingrid Cortez), Alexa Vega (Carmen Cortez), Daryl Sabara (Juni Cortez), Alan Cumming (Fegan Floop), Tony Shalhoub (Alexander Minion), Teri Hatcher (Mrs Gradenko), Cheech Marin (Felix Gumm), Danny Trejo (Isador "Machete" Cortez), and a cameo by George Clooney
Director: Robert Rodriguez

Spy Kids is the story of lil' Juni Cortez and his elder sister Carmen who become lil' spies after their spy parents are kidnapped. Together, they must overcome their differences to overcome the evil plans of Floop and his Minion who want to sell robot killer kids to Mr Lisp for world conquest. Got that?

Well, after reading all the rave reviews of this movie, I am expecting something... well, whimsical. Instead, Spy Kids is a straightforward Disney-like kids-in-charge flick. There are some rather interesting nudge-wink pokes at this kiddie action genre, but Spy Kids never go beyond that. Hence, it is a rather boring, clichéd movie that ends up being All About Juni.

Yep, that sister kicks ass, but it's all about the boy and his contrived "I'm scared and I'm alienated" nonsense. Ultimately, sis ends up playing accessory to lil' Juni's Manhood Trials.

Alan Cummings play a rather adorable baddie, as does Shalhoub. Robert Patrick must be thanking The X-Files if playing minute roles as cardboard baddies is where his post-Terminator 2 career is heading. But everything fun about Spy Kids is ultimately swamped and ruined by preachy overtones and gag-inducing "Sweet family moments".

Rewind, rewind - I want that Daddy and Mommy Spy falling in love story back. Not this grossly preachy thing.

Rating: 62

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