South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut (1999)
Main cast: Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Satan, and Saddam Hussein
Director: Trey Parker

I should be very disturbed. This movie is jingoistic, filthy, sadistic, vulgar, and should be rated NC-17 even if it's a cartoon. Nothing is spared: from overzealous pro-censorship parents to shooting Bill Gates to profanity on the big screen to killing the Baldwins to everything lousy about Canada (and Australia). It is also a hilarious, very likeable movie. Wait, I am disturbed. I love this show. Oh God.

The plot is simply razor blade sharp on the current state of society: the South Park brats pay a homeless man to buy them tickets to a very profane R-rated movie called Asses On Fire. From the two main stars of that movie, Terence and Phillip, they learn an assortment of really profane words they spread on to their classmates. That's right: it's full-fledged bad mouths in South Park now. Their mothers are enraged and form Mothers Against Canada (Terrence and Phillip are Canadians), and Stan's mother somehow becomes USA's Secretary of Defense. Terrence and Phillip are arrested to be executed, Canada bombs the Baldwins sky high, and it's war.

There's a subplot of Kenny getting killed and sent to Hell where Saddam Hussein and Satan are playing house. It seems that the execution of the two Canadian prisoners would be the final sign that would bring on Satan's rule on earth. Kenny must warn his friends to stop their mothers.

Is it me or the plot's a delight? There are other graphic but hilarious nonsense: Winona Ryder entertaining the soldiers using ping pong balls and an intimate portion of her anatomy, the brats discovering Cartman's mother performing on an online German nudie sex show, a paranoid God-hating afraid-of-mom chain smoking boy who thinks he's Rambo, and... oh dear, my sides are splitting with hilarity just thinking of it!

Yes, South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut is profane, sometimes disgustingly so (especially when it comes to Satan and Saddam... eeuw). Yet I can't help but to be charmed when Satan sings a surprisingly lovely and haunting ballad about alienation and loneliness. I see a lot of sense behind the obscenity, and hence, this movie works. I love it!

Although I must say it's also bad for me. Only that day I unwittingly burst into that catchy song Unclefucka, much to the aghast of my fellow old biddies. Hey, the song's catchy. Where can I get the mp3's?

Rating: 92

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