Seed Of Chucky (2004)
Main cast: Brad Dourif (Chucky), Jennifer Tilly (Herself/Tiffany), Billy Boyd (Glen/Glenda), Redman (Himself), Hannah Spearritt (Joan), John Waters (Pete Peters), Keith-Lee Castle (Psychs), Steve Lawton (Stan), and Tony Gardner (Himself)
Director: Don Mancini

I have lost track of the Child's Play franchise after the third - or was it fourth? - movie, so I have no idea how the psychopath doll Chucky gets to have a doll girlfriend Tiffany and a kid. After seeing the opening credit which features doll egg fertilization by a doll sperm, I don't want to know. However, Seed Of Chucky is a hilarious comedy with violence and gore that has me laughing out loud. Is this supposed to be a horror movie?

Don Mancini, who wrote and directed this movie, is angling for satire and parody rather than horror. Therefore, while I no idea how Chucky's kid is made or why this doll is separated from the parents, the movie is too funny when the kid meets up with the parents. The doll's gender is up in the air, so Chucky calls the kid Glen while Tiffany calls the kid Glenda because she's always wanted a daughter. Poor kid. Tiffany forces Chucky to "reform" (which is to say, no more killing people for fun) so that they can be perfect and normal parents for Glen(da), which leads to some hilarious dark comic moments as both parents try to cover up their slip-ups from each other and the corpses that result from their slip-ups. It's like when Mom and Dad are trying to hide the fact that they are alcoholics - poor Glen(da) ends up being an accomplice to both parents' attempts to cover up their mishaps, as if the poor kid isn't screwed up enough already.

Meanwhile, actress Jennifer Tilly, who I understand played the villain in the previous installment Bride Of Chucky, plays the role of "Jennifer Tilly", the Oscar-winning actress whose career went down the drain after she starred in Bride Of Chucky. Yes, this is also a movie within a movie. However, if things seem confusing here, you'll see that everything makes sense when you actually watch the movie. Jennifer, aghast as losing out to Julia Roberts again in a movie role which she hopes will rejuvenate her career, decides to play the casting couch and invite producer Redman over for some intimate audition. At the same time, Chucky and Tiffany have this idea to perform some kind of ritual that will allow them to inhabit those two jokers' bodies. But first, they perform a ritual to impregnate Tiffany so that Glen(da) will have a home too. So poor Jennifer Tilly now has to deal with an unexpected pregnancy as well as two homicidal dolls running around her house.

Full of too-funny satirical moments, Seed Of Chucky is a fun movie, especially for a horror movie. In fact, it's not even close to being scary. Ms Tilly must be commended for being such a great sport to mock her own stalled career with gusto in this movie. As a horror movie, this one will most likely disappoint people hoping for gore and violence, but as a fun and campy comedy, Seed Of Chucky is too cute for words.

Rating: 87

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