See Spot Run (2001)
Main cast: David Arquette (Gordon), Angus T Jones (James), Leslie Bibb (Stephanie), Michael Clarke Duncan (Murdoch), Paul Sorvino (Sonny Talia), Joe Viterelli, and Steve Schirripa (two dumb hitmen)
Director: John Whitesell

The dog is cute.

What else do you want me to say? This dumb movie is awful. I was hoping for some kiddie fun - I loved Home Alone 3, believe it or not, and I almost wet my pants laughing in that movie. I know, shame on me. I have no taste. But See Spot Run is so bad that it puts every dumb caper about dog-and-boy to shame.

It doesn't help that David Arquette and child actor Angus T Jones are as irritating as ants in my pantyhose. Every single contrivances is wringed dry: look, Gordon falls! Gordon stumbles! Gordon gets electrocuted! James laughs! James cries! Awww! James misses his daddy (cue Gordon trying to act responsible)! See Spot run! See Spot save the day!

Run, Spot, run! Run for your life from this godawful destined-for-holiday-afternoon-Disney-viewing dreck.

Rating: 03

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