Say It Isn't So (2001)
Main cast: Chris Klein (Gilbert "Gilly" Noble), Heather Graham (Josephine "Jo" Wingfield), Orlando Jones (Dig McCaffey), Eddie Cibrian (Jack Mitchelson), Sally Field (Valdine), and Richard Jenkins (Walter)
Director: James B Rogers

Gilly Noble is a, er, noble dogcatcher and Jo Wingfield is a clueless hairdresser. They fall in love and do it five times a day. Then the bombshell drops: she's his sister. Ouch. Jo, traumatized, flees to marry her millionaire jerk other suitor Jack. When Gilly realizes that hey, she's not really his sister, can he win her back in time?

This movie is produced by the Farrelly brothers, therefore the usual gags involving all sorts of animal body orifices, "sister slammer" and beaver jokes, and other jolly wholesome goodness pop up with predictable frequency. But something is missing - Say It Isn't So is tedious and dull. Oh yeah, I know why.

Jo and Gilly are simpletons. And seeing Gilly with his hand stuck up a cow's - you know - isn't funny. It's like watching a small boy chased by a bulldog - I don't know whether to close my eyes or stare in horrified stupefaction. Klein and Graham make a cute couple, but their characters are like wide-eyed kids walking on some high stupor across a very busy freeway. The jokes aren't funny, and this time, it gets painful to watch too. Watching morons fall flat on their butts isn't funny, it's tedious.

Who would've thought a movie where a man's hand stuck in a cow's, uhm, hole would be more boring than swatting flies?

Rating: 36

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