The Santa Clause 2 (2002)
Main cast: Tim Allen (Scott Calvin/Santa Claus), Elizabeth Mitchell (Carol Newman), David Krumholtz (Bernard), Eric Lloyd (Charlie Calvin), Judge Reinhold (Neal Miller), and Wendy Crewson (Laura Miller)
Director: Michael Lembeck

I probably should be rational, but euw. The reindeer is fugly. Tim Allen in Santa Claus suit? Repulsive. That kid? Annoying. I suspect that this movie will be decent and wholsesome fare for the under-ten-year-old population (harrassed babysitters, take note), but I find this formulaic, cheap-looking movie tedious.

When we left Scott Calvin in the 1994 original, he is the new Santa Claus, his wife has divorced him to marry another guy, and his kid is okay with him again. Well, today, his kid is not okay with again, because Daddy is too busy playing Santa to pay him attention. Meanwhile, Santa must find a wife (is that why he always calls out "Ho, ho, ho!"?) or he will have to hang up his fat suit for good. Lucky for him, his sonny Charlie has a hot principal Carol for him to get his Christmas candy cane on.

So we have the usual sweet and wholesome courtship, we have Scott and Calvin's predictable Full House-style angst, and then we have the crazy Santa left in charge by Scott going crazy in North Pole. Can Christmas be saved? Of course. Everything's okay and sweet and lovely by the end of the movie. Awww.


Rating: 58

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