The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle (2000)
Main cast: Keith Scott (Bullwinkle J. Moose/Narrator), June Foray (Rocket J. Squirrel), Piper Perabo (Karen Sympathy), Robert De Niro (Fearless Leader), Jason Alexander (Boris Badenov), Rene Russo (Natasha Fatale), and James Rebhorn (President Signoff)
Director: Des McAnuff

It is a thankless job playing good guys in a movie sometimes. Just ask Rocky and Bullwinkle. The former is a talking and flying giant squirrel, while the latter is a talking idiot moose. If their names aren't on the movie title, I'd think this movie is called The Deliciously Wicked Adventures Of Fearless Leader And His Two Wonderfully Funny Henchmen.

The plot is something like this: Fearless Leader and his cahoots get sucked into our real world, thanks to Minnie Mogul (Jeneane Garofalo) - who won't appear again until the ending - and together these evil threesome start brainwashing the people of United States via bad cable. FBI agent Karen Sympathy has to enlist Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fearless Leader's main enemies, to saving USA. Along the way, there are a lot of funny wink-wink injokes, hilarious one-liners, and oh, there's a cute, clueless Swedish jailer too!

And kudos to Karen Sympathy who, despite being a Good Heroine, manages to stay afloat. But ooh, Fearless Leader is great. Robert deNiro even utters Are you talkin' to me? three times! (Poor man, that line will always haunt him.) But the best are definitely Boris and Natasha, two of the cutest, nastiest cartoony baddies this side of Tinseltown.

TAORAB is pure fun. It's just too bad Rocky and Bullwinkle are mere third rung players in this show despite their star billing in the credits. Rocky who?

Rating: 79

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