Road Trip (2000)
Main cast: Breckin Meyer (Josh), Seann William Scott (EL), DJ Qualls (Barry), Tom Green (Kyle), Paulo Constanzo (Rubin), Amy Smart (Beth), Rachel Blanchard (Tiffany), and Anthony Rapp (Jacob)
Director: Todd Phillips

You know, there's actually a pretty decent story underneath Road Trip's gross-out teen-comedy wannabe aspirations. Indeed, there's a heart underneath it all, which makes this movie stand out despite its occasional dip into juvenile gags.

Not that one will know from the plot. Josh and Tiffany vow eternal love even when separated by 1800 miles, until one day Josh thinks that Tiff has broken up with him impromptu, and hence he sleeps with Beth. he even got that down on video, that naughty boy. But complications arise: turns out that Tiff hasn't broken up with him (she's attending her grandfather's funeral), so Josh is all flustered. Worse, his buddy Barry accidentally mailed that video to Tiff. Oh my.

Hence, good guy Josh, shy rich boy Rubin, jock EL, and smart Barry embark on a road trip in a mad dash against time (three days) to retrieve the tape before Tiff gets it. They leave the weirdo Kyle to take care of Barry's python, and Kyle gets really mad when the snake wouldn't eat a rat (he ends up eating it himself - gross!). And Beth, all guilt-ridden, goes on her own road trip to find Tiff for a confession session. Meanwhile, jealous teacher's assistant Jacob who wants Beth for himself sets to sabotaging Josh's chances at passing college.

Hysterical, isn't it? RT is fun alright, and some gags such as EL's "milking the prostate" (don't even ask) and his stealing a bus from a blind woman are outrageously funny. Indeed, Seann Scott and Tom Green are the main stars here, the former with his Who cares? roguishness and the latter's zoned-out stare really steal the show. But best of all, there's a heart. The five guys, underneath it all, show genuine friendship to each other, and no matter how much things are stacked against them, they all work together. It's a nice change from all those silly backstabbing. Likewise, Tiff isn't the clueless gal that she is, heh heh.

Therefore, yeah, I love this movie.

Rating: 87

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