Remember The Titans (2000)
Main cast: Denzel Washington (Coach Herman Boone) and Will Patton (Coach Bill Yoast)
Director: Boaz Yakin

Coo, Jerry Bruckheimer produces a movie that, for once, doesn't overblow its budget on lightings or special effects at the script's expense. Remember The Titans is a feel-good movie set in the 1970's. Okay, so it is cheap, simplifed feel-good fluff one could find in Chicken Soup books - temporary cheap respites one could go to to continue one's denial that life can suck.

That's okay. I want to believe life doesn't suck too, and Remember The Titans makes me feel good, warm, and teary inside. The story is about what happens when two schools - one predominantly white in population, the other black - merge, and the white coach finds himself demoted to make way for the black coach. The players become polarized between black/white lines, but you bet at the end everyone call each other "Yo, my brothers!" and slap each other's butt after the Final Victory Touchdown.

Oh yes, it can be moving, like when there's this scene where an unlikely friendship blooms between a white player and a black player that culminates with the latter standing by the sick bed of the former. Touching stuff, and I used up two sheets of tissue papers in the theatre.

Then, after I walked out of the theatre, I realize I not only can't recall the names of any freakin' fellow in the movie, I can't remember much why I was all teary-eyed either. Sentimental, undemanding, melodramatic stuff, that's Remember The Titans, with nary a sophisticated attempt to overcome stereotypical storytelling. It's fluff in the grand tradition of Oprah and Chicken Soup books, and we all love it for that, right?

Rating: 75

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