Reindeer Games (2000)
Main cast: Ben Affleck (Rudy Duncan), Charlize Theron (Ashley), and Gary Sinise (Gabriel)
Director: John Frankenheimer

Rudy and Nick (James Frain) are prison buddies. Nick has a long-distance relationship with Ashley, and when Nick is knifed to death, Rudy, upon release, decides to be Nick and boinks Ashley.

They have a very mad time, but Ashley's brother then wants Rudy to do some lousy bad things. Oh boy.

Oh boy indeed. Reindeer Games is so boring that I have a hard time staying awake. Ben Affleck acts without emotion, without impact, without anything. Theron, after her great turn in The Cider House Rules is back at playing bimbo. The whole plot is so stupid and convoluted, the bad guys have to actually stand there and tell the audience what is going on.

Sad thing is, this member of the audience doesn't really care anymore. I've had more fun making pickled gherkins. Rating: 20

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