Proof Of Life (2000)
Main cast: Meg Ryan (Alice Bowman), Russell Crowe (Terry Thorne), David Morse (Peter Bowman), Pamela Reed (Janis Goodman), and David Caruso (Dino)
Director: Taylor Hackford

A standard kidnap-and-ransom movie, Proof Of Life is interesting only in that hubby and I, voyeurs united in sleaze, squinted throughout the movie to catch any guilty-omigod-we're-having-an-affair-does-Dennis-Quaid-know exchanges between Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe. Alas, no luck. I'm tempted to write off the Crowe-Ryan affair as a massive publicity stunt. There's no chemistry between them here, odd indeed.

Alice Bowman's hubby is kidnapped by baddies while he is on some save-the-world-build-a-dam mission in some banana republic. Now Alice, who is not happy with her husband anyway, has to get professional negotiator Terry Thorne's help to get three million dollars to ransom her hubby out and to ensure his safe return. But ooh, how can any woman resist the charm of a man who looks like Russell Crowe?

Proof Of Life likes to think of itself as Casablanca-meets-Rambo Lite. But it is more of a standard action-through-jungles story interspersed with some quiet moments of guilt and charming bonding between our two leads. But surprisingly, there's no chemistry between both. Crowe displays more spark with he's with Caruso (playing Thorne's mercenery friend), but let's not go there.

This is a decent movie. Nothing memorable, nothing too bad either.

Rating: 71

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