Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003)
Main cast: Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow), Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa), Orlando Bloom (Will Turner), Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Swann), Jack Davenport (Norrington), and Jonathan Pryce (Governor Weatherby Swann)
Director: Gore Verbinski

After hearing all those rave reviews about Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, me and hubby finally purchase tickets to this movie and sit ourselves down with popcorns and all, confident that we will be blown away by completely. Twenty minutes later, as Marvin the Martian would say, "Where's the earthshattering kaboom?"

While I did enjoy watching Pirates, I find myself underwhelmed by the whole movie, my biggest disappointment being the main female character another dingbat damsel in distress. Maybe it's because of the hype or that I am just not an Orlando Bloom fangirl in anyway, but sheesh, I find myself wondering most of the time whether I can reproduce Johnny Depp's mascara effect when I dress up for the Halloween party this year.

The story is about Will Turner, a man who is looking for his roots. He may be a blacksmith/weaponsmith, but he's also an excellent swordsman. At least, excellent enough to defeat Jack Sparrow, he who claims to be the infamous pirate, only now he happens to be missing a crew and a boat. Will loves the Governor's daughter Elizabeth Swann, but Elizabeth holds a medallion that is passed on to her by Will when they were both kids and now immortal pirates led by Barbossa of the Black Pearl have invaded the seaside town and kidnapped Elizabeth! So now Will asks Jack to help him save Elizabeth! And there they go, Bland and Mascara, on a tour of duty to save the girlie, swap the decks, and kick pirate asses.

Oh, Jack Sparrow is definitely the best character in this movie, Geoffrey Rush a close second, but put anyone next to the bland milquetoast Bloom and the usually charismatic but now ineffectual Knightley and this person will come off as positively rivetting screen presence. The plot is silly, of course, and it's probably just as well as Elizabeth, her protests to the contrary notwithstanding, is as dumb as rocks. But in a time when women kick ass in this sort of movies, Elizabeth makes me roll up my eyes.

Flashy swordfights, computer generated skeletons, cannonball runs, it's all here in Pirates Ate My Mascara. But at the end of the day, while this movie may be flashy in gimmicks and Orlando Bloom fangirls will watch this movie for the 10,000th time just to cheer and sigh as Will kisses Elizabeth, I'll probably forget about this movie at the end of the week. That is, if I don't come across yet another person telling me how this movie is the best romantic action fantasy movie ever. Obviously these people haven't seen Ladyhawke or The Princess Bride.

Rating: 77

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