Original Sin (2001)
Main cast: Antonio Banderas (Luis Antonio Vargas), Angelina Jolie (Julia Russell/Bonny Castle), and Thomas Jane (Billy/Walter Downs/Mephisto)
Director: Michael Cristofer

Ooh, I finally catch on the mojo of Antonio Banderas. I never found him sexy before, until now. Oh, my man, what a sexy, obsessive dude you make! All those nude scenes! Ooh mama. He does have a rather flat butt though. I think he pads his jeans because when he is naked, those southern cheeks look a little on the scrawny side. Still, nice pubic arches though.

Original Sin is set in the late 19th century Cuba, where rich business Luis Vargas sends for a mail-order American bride. He expects a demure, plain, and quiet wife. Instead, he gets Julia Russell, a beautiful, striking woman that has him from the moment he sets eyes on her. Even when she betrays him with her accomplice and runs away with all his money, he will track her down. Because he wants her back. Because, like he says, "You can't run away from love."

Let's just the say a fantasy of Antonio Banderas giving up money, fame, and everything for love is just darned tempting. (Melanie Griffith, you say? Oh shut up.) Thomas Jane plays a darned sexy, evil villain too. Anyone cheers when he gives Banderas a smacker on the lips? Slashy, baby! And Jolie is just perfect as the hot sexy mama that have both men on their knees begging for... er, a kiss, yeah, a kiss. Then again, I think Jolie can act opposite a rock and make everybody think she's having sex with that rock. (Mr G: I wanna be that rock.) (Mrs G: Stay out of MY review, buster! Go write your own Poetry To Jolie somewhere else.)

It's just too bad that director Cristofer has no sense of restrain, style, or pacing. The movie just goes on and on long after the welcome has worn off. The plot twists come off as inane because they are presented with the subtlety of Cristofer swinging a wet, giant trout onto my face - smack! Jolie, Banderas, and Jane make one sexy menage-a-trois, but the movie's delivery is far from perfect. Lumbering with all the finesse of a blind and pregnant rhinoceras stampede, Original Sin is all heaving bosoms and illicit temptations, and alas, hot air with little substance.

Rating: 71

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