Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)
Main cast: Eddie Murphy (Sherman, Granny, Mama, Papa, Young Papa, Ernie Klump, Lance Perkins, and Buddy Love) and Janet Jackson (Denise Gaines)
Director: Peter Segal

Somewhere, buried under the latex and prosthetics, in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps is a genuinely touching love story between fatty Sherman Klump and Denise Gaines. But one has to look under really silly farcical nonsense to find it.

This time around, Sherman and his skinny alter ego Buddy are at it again. Sherman is trying to eliminate Buddy once and for all, but Buddy does one better: he sells Sherman's youth serum to the highest bidder. Sherman hides the serum with his family. Bad move. The Klumps have plans of their own with that serum.

Inane jokes abounds, most of them milking the "Granny Klumps bares her bum and kisses young skinny people" joke dry. There's also a giant hamster boinking dream sequence, tons of scatological jokes, and other crappy gross-out stuff.

But when the movie focuses on Sherman and Denise, things settle down and even get warmly romantic. These scenes are the saving graces of this movie. Because while gross can be funny, it also needs to make sense. Every joke in this movie seems to be thrown in nilly-willy, and the pointlessness of it all finally sinks the movie.

Rating: 53

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