Me, Myself, & Irene (2000)
Main cast: Jim Carrey (Charlie Baileygates/Hank) and Renee Zellweger (Irene)
Directors: Peter and Bobby Farrelly

Well, after three years of failing to get an Oscar for his acting skills, Jim Carrey returns to his dumb joke roots. While not as puerile as Ace Ventura 2, Me, Myself, & Irene is also an unfunny, tired affair where the gross gags fly by as if nobody cares, really. The real star of the show is a dead cow, which says a lot about this movie.

Charlie Baileygates has a Jekyll-and-Hyde problem. His Hyde persona, Hank, is a product of his frustrations all pent up in his wussy self. I mean, Charlie's wife cuckolded him and left him with three kids in his care, the kids weren't (obviously) his. The whole town in Rhode Island treats Charlie the cop like a joke. Naturally, he has to break, and hence, Hank is born to confront the nasty things Charlie is afraid of.

When Charlie is made to escort Irene back to New York to answer a summons, Hank starts causing trouble to Charlie's budding relationship with Irene. Worse, Irene unknowingly becomes the target of some industrial gangsters and corrupt cops. It's on-the-lam time, people!

The only thing slightly funny is the dead cow getting assaulted scene, which is memorable only in terms of outrageous shock effects (works better than the rat-eating scene I saw in Road Trip). But everything else is inane. Irene is the only character who shows some life, while Hank/Charlie practically sleepwalks. The three Baileygates fatty kids are also wasted, as is the albino sidekick. Laughs are few, a fatal mistake indeed since this movie has no plot in the first place.

A comedy without the laughs? Down it sinks... glug glug glug. Good riddance too, on behalf of the Moo-moo Cow Society.

Rating: 43

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