Love & Sex (2000)
Main cast: Famke Janssen (Kate Wells), Jon Favreau (Adam Levy), and Noah Emmerich (Eric)
Director: Valerie Breiman

What's about all these modern feminist filmmakers making "feminist statement" movies that ultimately make laughingstocks out of the "strong female leads"? Get real. Get a clue.

Kate Wells is an expert on sex and love in a women's magazine. Uh oh. In "modern feminist" Hollywood terms, that means she hasn't a snowball chance in hell to get a decent relationship with a decent man. She now has to write about Mr Perfect for her editor, which catalyzes her bombarding me with dire and boring recallations of her being used and discarded by men in her life.

Let's see. There's the French high school teacher who introduces her to the joys of sex. Then there's Adam, a sleazeball who cheats on her left and right but whom she insists "we are best friends since the start". She and Adam break up, he plays the field with underaged Barbie dolls and she whines and mopes, and they get back together. The end.

Indeed, everyone is praising this movie for its "honest, candid views on romance". Well, I'll leave Love & Sex for all those pessimists and miserable in love to get multiple orgasms over. Excuse me while I go watch the more wholesome - and yes, realistic - Return To Me.

Rating: 23

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