Little Nicky (2000)
Main cast: Adam Sandler (Nicky), Harvey Keitel (Dad), Patricia Arquette (Valerie), Rhys Ifans (Adrian), Tiny Lister (Cassius), Robert Smigel (Beefy), Reese Witherspoon (Holly), Alan Covert (Todd), Jonathan Loughran (John), and Peter Dante (Pete)
Director: Steven Brill

Little Nicky is the youngest of three demonic offsprings of Dad, aka Devil. When the two elder sons Adrian and Cassius decide to do an usurpment by causing havoc on Earth, it is up to Nicky, a wimp, to save Dad and the world.

So here he goes, aided by a talking bulldog Beefy, the heroine and love interest Valerie, and a passel of the usual losers/closet gay men supporting cast. Is it fun?

Er, I like the bulldog. And the depiction of angels as dumb, Felicity-loving airheads is inspired ("God is like so smart, Jeopardy smart!") - especially Reese Witherspoon as Nicky's angelic mother Holly. Everything else - the jokes on transvestites, cross-species breeding, nipples, people throwing up, etc, just falls flat. And Quentin Tarantino proves that even in brief cameos, his acting stinks like fresh guano.

I really like the bulldog.

Rating: 57

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