Jeepers Creepers II (2003)
Main cast: Ray Wise (Jack Taggart), Jonathan Breck (The Creeper), Travis Schiffner (Izzy Bohen), and Nicki Aycox (Minxie Hayes)
Director: Victor Salva

I hope you're not one of those people that are lured into watching this movie by alarmist critics comparing Jeepers Creepers II to softporn gay erotica. Most of these critics are obviously extrapolating from Victor Salva's past because while there are gratuitously shirtless young men in this movie, one would have a better time watching a David DeCoteau video or buying the latest Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. There aren't that much flesh on display in this movie. If you look closely, these critics that sound the alarm are invariably male and have no problems drooling over underaged female bare skin in The Swimming Pool, so make your own judgment about this movie's skin factor and the way these alarmist think about things. Chances are, you'll be disappointed if you're expecting T&A.

Without the hype about its actually disappointing T&A, Jeepers Creepers II would be hard pressed to generate any column inches. It's just a messy, plotless cash-in on the success of the much superior Jeepers Creepers. Set twenty-three years after the first film, this time around a busload of football players, three female cheerleaders, a coach, a teacher, and the driver as their bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere just as the Creeper begins to start its feeding frenzy. Some kids die - not that I care, because I still can't tell who is who at the end of the day - and the survivors leave the bus to run all over the place in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, unarmed, without directions. This allows the movie to get even more incoherent as apparently half the cast disappears and never to be seen again when the movie ends. Meanwhile, an angry farmer, whose son is lost to the Creeper, builds what seems like an indestructible truck and goes after the Creeper with a home-made harpoon. I'm not joking.

Abandoning the slow but skilful atmosphere-building of the original movie for a bunch of imbecile teenagers screaming and running across an open field from a flying monster (die, stupid kiddies, die!), Jeepers Creepers II ends up creeping on empty and sputtering pathetically only to die a long way from the finishing line. Watching the original, but skip the sequel.

Rating: 54

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