Impostor (2002)
Main cast: Gary Sinise (Spencer John Olham), Madeleine Stowe (Maya Olham), Tony Shalhoub (Nelson Gittes), Vincent D'Onofrio (Agent DH Hathaway), and Mekhi Phifer (Cale)
Director: Gary Fleder

Yeah, another fellow jumps on the Phillip K Dick adaptation bandwagon. This movie is based on the Paranoia Sci-fi King's 1950 parable of the Cold War or something of that sort, and it's about this well-respected dude in a future called Spencer. He goes to bed one day, and the next day he's a suspected android with a time bomb ticking in his chest. Run, Spencer, run. His wife Maya wonders, the Agent DH Hathaway snarls wonderfully, and Spencer runs some more.

Blade Runner this movie ain't, despite shared Phillip Dick genes. It doesn't know whether to be a straightforward action movie or a drama though, so it tries to be both. The result is a mess. Not enough time is spent fleshing out the dramatic aspects of this story, and the movie hastens to cover up plot holes with explosions, pyrotechnics, and D'Onforio's snarling and badass impersonations.

If Stowe is wasted here, don't get me started with Sinise. My yummy bad boy does an excellent impersonation of a Buddha statue here. If he gets any more stoic (alternated with snarly faces), he will be a statue himself.

Sure, the bang-bang-boom stuff can be pretty exciting, but Impostor's mess gives me a headache more than it entertains. And why is the future so blue? It is as if the Budget Department has decided to cut costs by using bright crepe paper instead of any decent lighting for the entire set.

Rating: 67

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