Freddy Got Fingered (2001)
Main cast: Tom Green (Gord Brody), Rip Torn (Jim Brody), Marisa Coughlan (Betty), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Freddy Brody), Harland Williams (Darren), Anthony Michael Hall (Mr Davidson), and Julie Haggerty (Julie Brody)
Director: Tom Green

I love Tom Green, but after this movie of his, I think I would prefer to dunk my head in a pail of putrid vomit rather than to admit that I think he's funny. Freddy Got Fingered is not funny, unless you think Gord spraying his father with elephantine semen (fresh from the source), swinging a baby from the umbilical cord between his teeth, licking a friend's open wound, skinning a stag and wearing its bloody coat -

Excuse me, I think my brain just melted. Just recalling this movie is enough to have me feeling as if senility is a-beckoning.

Rating: 06

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