Final Destination (2000)
Main cast: Devon Sawa (Alex Browning), Kristen Cloke (Ms Valerie Lewton), Ali Larter (Clear Rivers), Seann William Scott (Billy), Daniel Roebuck (FBI Agent Wiene), Kerr Smith (Carter), and Tony Todd (Bludworth)
Director: James Wong

Can you cheat death? When Alex Browning, a 17-year old geek foresees the plane he is boarding exploding to pieces, he causes mass panic and is thrown out of the plane, dragging along with a few buddies, enemies, and a potential girlfriend. When the plane finally explodes with them safe in the airport, they've cheated death.

But when each of these survivors start to die one by one, each death "seen" by Alex beforehand, you know Death don't let cheaters get away that easily.

James Wong and Glenn Morgan, most well-known for the more brilliant episodes of The X-Files, has written and directed a great, smart, and really scary movie. It's just too bad that I am so irritated by Devon Sawa's Pathetic Puppy Me hang-dog look that I am chanting for a most gory death for him (involving the toilet bowl).

The characters are all stock stereotypes, which aren't a bad thing, really, considering how most of them are just bowling pins waiting for Death's big ball to strike 'em down. I'm only rooting for that befuddled guy on the bicycle, and everyone else can die most gorily - and they do - for my delight.

Trust me, after this movie, you won't want to walk into a tool shed, your bathroom, or kitchen again. Knives and anything sharp would probably see a drop in sales should this movie be aired on HBO. Wong and Morgan really succeeded in making a trivial everyday thing like a puddle of water something to scream in terror and witless over.

Now, if they have someone else other than that walking treestump Sawa, I would have enjoyed this movie more than I did. Still, solid scary stuff.

Rating: 79

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