Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)
Main cast: Jennifer Morrison (Amy Mayfield), Matthew Davis (Travis/Trevor Stark), Joey Lawrence (Graham Manning), Anson Mount (Toby), Eva Mendez (Vanessa), Jessica Cauffiel (Sandra), Anthony Anderson (Stan), Michael Bacall (Dirk), Marco Hofschneider (Simon), Loretta Devine (Reese Wilson), and Hart Bochner (Professor Solomon)
Director: John Ottman

Sigh. The Scream thing is so 1996. Is the cash cow dead yet? Hopefully this movie will be the last of its kind in a long time, because frankly this movie is so dull that I expect the cast to fall into a coma any moment. Watching Jennifer Morrison drool as she snores must be more entertaining than anything else in this movie.

The plot? Amy and her friends are competing for a movie-making contest, and someone is killing people who are involved in the competition. Who's the killer? He wears a mask too, by the way.

How dull. I watched this movie because it was raining. The lifeless acting and the overwhelming sense of being trapped in suffocating deja vu soon make me realize that heck, maybe I should have just gone home and sleep the afternoon off instead. Waste of time.

Rating: 20

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